A simple HTTP server for sharing pictures.
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jphotos is a simple HTTP server for sharing pictures.

jphotos will be written in Go and possibly use Amazon S3 as the storage backend. The project will fill a long-time desire to have a platform to share my photos, that isn't Flickr, or 500px, or Format, Imgur, etc.

photos.jrgnsn.net is eventually where this app will go live and will be where I host pictures, photography, etc.


  • No social media features
  • No JavaScript!
  • Blazingly fast

Building and Running


  • go (>-=1.12)

    go build cmd/jphotos-server/

in the root of the repository.


Live reloading for development

Live reloading can be accomplished with codegangsta/gin by running:

gin --build cmd/jbooks-server

in the root of the repository.

  • add --all to watch HTML templates
  • add --excludeDir data so gin doesn't rebuild after a photo upload

Note: I've had issues attempting to go get gin from within jphotos, so I'd recommend installing gin from outside the project directory. Try cd ..; go get github.com/codegangsta/gin; cd -

Initializing the database

First, set up your database.

Then, read about database migrations


Once documentation exists, it will be able to be found here

Discussion and patches are welcome and should be directed to my public inbox for now: ~mjorgensen/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. Please use --subject-prefix PATCH jphotos for clarity when sending patches.

Bugs, issues, planning, and tasks can all be found at the tracker: ~mjorgensen/jphotos