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matthew's dotfiles

I used henrik's dotfiles as a guide for creating my own system. Then I decided that system wasn't working for me. So in May 2019, I rewrote most of it. The new system is closer to holman's dotfiles. I took some organizational tips from his repository as well as modeled my shell script after theirs.


Clone this repo into ~/.dotfiles:

git clone ~/.dotfiles

Then install the dotfiles:

cd ~/.dotfiles

The shell script will ask what to do if the destination file already exists. You can either overwrite it, skip it, or back it up. You'd also have the option to overwrite all, skip all, or back all up.

The dotfiles will be symlinks, e.g. ~/zsh/zshrc.symlink will be symlinked to ~/.zshrc.

Currently Installed Submodules


Add a new plugin:

# E.g.:
git submodule add vim/bundle/vim-fugitive

Install plugins from submodules:

git submodule update --init


The extras directory contains additional configuration files that are not dotfiles:

  • VibrantInk.itermcolors is a color scheme for iTerm2 (source).
  • On a new Mac, run ~/.dotfiles/extras/ in the Terminal to change some silly defaults.