ActivityWatch watcher for Sublime Text 3
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Sublime Text 3 plugin that acts as a watcher for Activity Watch. It tracks files, languages, and projects.

This project was based off aw-watcher-sublime by kostasdizas, however, that project hasn't been updated since May 2020, and improvements have been identified and made.

#Notable Changes

This is a mostly complete list of difference between this aw-watcher-sublimetext and the old aw-watcher-sublime.

  • File paths all follow Unix-style conventions. Forward slashes, et al.
  • Configuration is loaded and available at plugin initialization.
  • Uses UTC timestamps instead of localized timestamps.


#From Source

Download the latest release and extract the archive to your Sublime Text 3 Packages directory.

Navigate to Preferences -> Browse Packages to find out where your Packages directory is.


Documentation can be found here.

Discussion and patches are welcome to my public inbox: ~mjorgensen/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. Please use --subject prefix PATCH aw-watcher-sublimetext for clarity when sending patches.

Bugs, issues, planning, and tasks can all be found at the tracker: ~mjorgensen/aw-watcher-sublimetext. Any issues opened on GitHub will be mirrored to the sourcehut tracker and closed on GitHub.