A Web-of-Trust IPFS Search Engine
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#Intergalactic Exchange

The Intergalactic Exchange (https://intergalactic.exchange) is an open-source platform for vouching for, curating, and publicizing IPFS CIDs. Our mission is to provide the world's most user-centric service for verifying the authenticity, integrity, and identity of data.


#Chains of Trust

The foundation of all modern technology is trust. We don't believe in telling you who to trust: it's your job to decide that. Our platform enables you to define the scope of your trust, and, consequently, the scope of your queries on the platform.


Curate a personal collection of CIDs. Tag and annotate them.

Given tags and/or a description, identify the most relevant CID among those vouched for by your trusted others. Not enough hits? Dynamically adjust your circle of trust.

Given a CID, identify the tags and descriptions that trusted others have associated with it.

#Key Values

#Be the means, not the end

Tools that do not abide by this principle forget their place, becoming cancers that grow beyond reason at the expense of the original vision. The Intergalactic Exchange is uncompromisingly focused on the delivering the best web-of-trust-based IPFS search experience; any change that reduces the utility of the tool toward this end will not be made.

This means that we will never run advertisements; advertisements provide utility only to a platform operator, at the expense of users. It also means that running JavaScript will never be a requirement - forcing users to execute foreign code on their machine is inherently hostile, even if that code is open-source and auditable. For a tool such as the Intergalactic Exchange, there is no good reason this should ever be a precondition for use. And of course, it should go without saying that we have no use at all for dark patterns that push individuals to use our platform at their own expense, or to lock them in. We are not the point: /you/ are.

#Creator Independence

We believe that the best tools come from the uncompromising focus detailed above. Therefore, we reject all funding that would otherwise corrupt that focus.

While we support a right to sell software, we don't believe that is the best path forward for the world. Rather, we believe in revitalizing and invigorating patronage; in normalizing the habit of financially supporting software development according to the utility that one derives from it, and of paying for associated services.

We believe in making source code available unencumbered; we do not think the world is a better place if a cloud provider subsequently absorbs all profit from doing so, prices the original creators out of the market, then centralizes development of a project under its own auspices. If you benefit from another's work, you should support that person accordingly.

We reserve the right to unreservedly shame and villify egregious violations of this principle. If you truly care about a project, then you should champion the independence that gave birth to it in the first place. Don't coerce it into what you want it to be: nourish it, and let it flourish in its own right.