f106e9ca — Gabriel Fontes 7 months ago main
change domain to m7.rs
d71e6d3f — Gabriel Fontes 7 months ago
gave up on taking class notes timely
move pgp key to openpgp.org
remove srht ci
replace most sourcehut references with my cgit and github
switch over to gsfontes.com
css: add figure as a horizontal scroller
ci: just build, dont deploy
try to fix eraseCookie
make spacings a bit more generic
only add border if nav is last child
add border after nav on more situations
also apply current link styling to .active
couple of adjustments on headers and etc
make aria-current still be clickable
don't add another cookie when on git.fontes.dev.br
add secure when using samesite=none
allow other site to access cookie
add git link on nav