A daemon for changing open terminal colors
force removing the fifo on exit
only clear screen when coloring tty
feat: add tty framebuffer support


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This repo includes a daemon that leverages shell escape codes to change a running terminal colorscheme. It opens a socket that can be interacted with, allowing you to remotely update colors of all your running shells. You can easily deactivate the daemon on any given shell, allowing you to change colors on all shells except ones that are running ssh, for example.


Configure your color at $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/shellcolor.conf. Use base00 through base16.

Add shellcolord $$ & (or $fish_pid on fish) to your shell init file. Your shell will have the color applied to it, and will watch $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/shellcolord/PID for commands (apply, disable enable).

You can use shellcolor for sending commands. For example, shellcolor apply to apply the configured color to all watching shells. You can also specify its pid (shellcolor disable $$, for instance).

You can leverage this to disable color applying when ssh'ed to another machine, by running shellcolor disable $$ before ssh, then shellcolor enable $$ && shellcolor apply $$ after exiting.