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#My NixOS configurations

Here's my NixOS/home-manager config files. Requires Nix flakes.

Looking for something simpler to start out with flakes? Try my starter config repo.


  • flake.nix: Entrypoint for hosts and home configurations. Also exposes a devshell for boostrapping (nix develop).
  • hosts: System-wide configuration for my machines. Accessible via nixos-rebuild --flake.
    • atlas: Desktop PC - 32GB RAM, R5 3600x, RX 5700XT | Sway
    • pleione: Lenovo Ideapad 3 - 8GB RAM, R7 5700u | Sway
    • merope: Raspberry Pi 4 - 8GB RAM | Server
    • maia: Gf's PC - 16GB RAM, i5 6600, GTX 970 | GNOME
  • users: Home-manager configurations for my user(s). Acessible via home-manager --flake
    • misterio: That's me!
    • layla: My sweet sweet girl
  • modules: A few modules i have for personal use.
  • overlays: Patches and version overrides for some packages. Accessible via nix build.
  • pkgs: Some of my custom packages. There's a few others at my NUR. Also accessible via nix build.
  • templates: A couple project templates for different languages. Accessible via nix init.

#About the installation

This is hardware specific and can easily be changed by switching out hardware-configuration.nix files.

I use a erase my darlings-like setup. My desktop pc uses an encrypted btrfs partition, which has subvolumes for nix store, games, home (snapshotted), srv (snapshotted), and var. The pi is similar, but with a single ext4 partition for all that. The root filesystem is a tmpfs, on which the partitions are mounted to achieve opt-in state.

I use home-manager as a standalone module, and, as such, i have to "manually" activate it. For this reason, i have a hook on loginShell that activates it, if not already active.

#How to bootstrap

All you need is bash, nix, and git. Just nix develop, and you should be good to go.

nixos-rebuild --flake . To build system configuration

home-manager --flake . To build user configuration