Create manpage dir in Makefile
Bump version to 0.2.0
57c4d1d0 — minus 4 years ago
Include man page in Makefile
1cc6b7b3 — minus 4 years ago
Update & tidy dependencies
12742486 — minus 4 years ago
Replace ScaleFT/sshkeys with x/crypto

Support for encrypted keys has been upstreamed:
0e1fe18a — minus 4 years ago
Add man page
e88cfb81 — minus 4 years ago
Exit with failure when verification fails
e17bad43 — Matthieu Saulnier 4 years ago
Fix typo in README.md
build sshign in integration tests

This should also clean up the sshign binary post-run.
add integration tests and speed up units

The integration tests are using golden files stored in a testdata folder.  The .gitignore
file had to be updated to allow the folder to be committed.

The unit tests have been updated to use 2048-bit RSA keys purely to speed them up.  We're
also calling t.Parallel() in order to let them run in parallel.

gotest.tools has been added as a dependency for some nice-to-have golden file assertions.
cleanup: separate glue code from logic

'main.go' is now relegated to simply glue code, generally to do with simple input/output.

The new 'key' package now contains the main logic of the tool.  This is done for a few reasons:

* Keep an obvious barrier between glue code and main logic.
* Make the code testable via black box tests (i.e. tests are in the 'key_test' package).
* The code can be kept in separate files more cleanly.
* Main application logic is kept more generic (e.g. it doesn't care about _how_ a password is
  requested, just that a password is requested, leaving us free to accept passwords via
  command line arguments and/or environment variables)
cleanup: make verify and sign take mockable interface types

This includes the first pass at tests, too.  Longer term, these should be split up.
clean up functions and add tests
Add Makefile
sign: handle encrypted private keys
Read data to sign/verify from stdin
Move x/crypto/ssh import among others
Rename binary to sshign

Cause it's funnier and doesn't tie the implementation to Go
2b5080ae — minus 4 years ago
Add CLI interface