FOSS data-provider-agnostic (GTFS) public transportation app; supports Android & Linux. Point-to-point directions without comprising user freedoms or privacy.
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Transito is a FOSS data-provider-agnostic public transportation app that let's you route between locations using openly available public GTFS feeds. Utilizing the Mobroute Go API, the Transito app lets you performs routing calculations right on your phone (e.g. no network calls once data is initially fetched). Overall, Transito aims to be an opensource alternative to proprietary routing apps (such as Google Maps, etc.) to get users from point-a to point-b via public transit without comprising privacy or user freedoms. It works in many well-connected metros which have publicly available GTFS data, to name a few: Lisbon, NYC, Brussels, Krakow, and Bourges (check for compatability with your metro here).

The app is currently in active development but generally usable on Android & Linux and looking for more users & testers.

#App Documentation:

#App Overview / Featureset:

  • Simple Mobile App to perform GTFS routing calculations on-device & offline
    • Uses Mobroute's ETL & routing calculation engine to pull GTFS data from upstream servers directly and uses CSA algorithm to perform routing calculations right on-device
    • Routing algorithm itself functions entirely offline once data is pulled
  • Provides routing results in both steps & map view formats
    • Routing results from Mobroute's routing API are parsed into a simple step-by-step instruction format for the user to follow
    • A map view URL link is provided to see the results of the route on a OSM map view as provided by Mobroute's API
  • Allows searching for POIs via Nominatim
    • Search for POIs in the feed's specified bounding box via Nominatim
    • Also you can specify destination by address etc.
  • Simple configuration system & algorithm tunables
    • No manual import of GTFS files; simply specify MDBID to determine which upstream GTFS datafeed(s) to use and Mobroute underlying library takes care of the rest
    • User can adjust algorithm tunables such as maximum walk distance, maximum transfer seconds, walk speed, and similar
  • Offers a reference implementation for using Mobroute's Go Routing API
    • Mobroute's API lets other developer integrate Mobroute's public transit GTFS ETL & routing calculation engine in their own navigation apps
    • Transito offers a simple reference implementation & exmaple of using Mobroute's Go API
    • Implemented in Go via Gio thus allowing simple portability to many platforms; Android & Linux tested in development, ostensibly supports other Gio other platforms: MacOS, Windows, iOS, etc.