Tiling Mobile Linux example .xinitrc
Alphebetize fns in basic-tlml.sh
Add documentation for basic tlml example; migrate ex script to basic-tlml.sh
Add lisgd to example for adjusting brightness


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Basic tlml example:

  • Startup script: basic-tlml.sh
  • Documentation:
    • This is a basic example demonstrating core/basic usage of tlml
    • Uses i3 as base window manager
    • Components:
      • Limkd (multitap bindings):
        • Volup 1x: Launch st
        • Volup 2x: Launch mobmenu
        • Voldown 1x: Focus next window
        • Voldown 2x: Toggle tiling algorithm
        • Voldown hold: Kill window
        • Power 1x: Toggle svkbd keyboard
        • Power hold: Enter mlxl
        • Power longhold: Shutdown
      • Lisgd (swipe gestures):
        • Top left->right: brightness up
        • Top right->left: brightness down
      • Mlxl:
        • Power 1x: Toggle crust e.g. deep suspend on (red) / off (blue)
        • Voldown 3x: Toggle screen on (blue) / off (purple)
        • Volup 3x: Exit
        • After 10s inactivity in screen on, automatically suspends
      • Mobmenu (a simple dmenu menu)
        • Launching support for: Mepo, Firefox, Netsurf, Networks, Htop, Chatty, Calls, Contacts, Reload
      • Stw (root window)
        • Shows battery, date, processes, services
        • Click to refresh
    • Notes:
      • For recieving calls in suspend state (e.g. mlxl), leave Calls application launched from Mobmenu open. Phone will wakeup & vibrate, exit mlxl and select pickup.j