Make the modemmonitor bullet proof
fix sxmo_dmenu_with_kb to close back the keyboard
Remove incompatible -t argument
Fix lisgd widht and height
Re-use eval but add a detached mode
Fix multikey when the command do give the hand back
enforce input button on dedicated devices
Load default bemenu before loading the user profile
Make wmtoggle to reboot as it is easier
Clear multikey count to be sure
Implement xorgexec and xorgexecwait
Use sxmo_killwindow abstraction
Refactorise and simplify sxmo_dmenu.sh
Fix dmenu curses mode
Add a config entry to toggle wm
Make sxmo migrate dwm compatible
Add a check on sxmo_idle.sh
Fixup the lock behavior
Add back the dwm compatibility
Force firefox on wayland