sxmo-utils/scripts/modem/sxmo_modemlog.sh -rwxr-xr-x 193 bytes
Call common script, moved icons to common script, removed unnecessary aliases from common (let's add them only when there are conflicts), made sure plays along with shellcheck
move sxmo data to XDG_DATA_HOME

Breaking change. Make sure you send an email to the mailing list
telling users to move their
$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/{modem,notifications} files/folders to

Signed-off-by: Anjandev Momi <anjan@momi.ca>
Call improvements; fix bugs associated with hanging up; refresh bar on callend
Fix sxmo_modemlog.sh to use st -f
modem: use XDG_CONFIG_HOME to save logs

Signed-off-by: Miles Alan <m@milesalan.com>
Lots of bugfixes related to calling/modem and various script fixes