Retain brightness when entering screenlock
Disable buggy bluetooth driver before entering suspend
Use direct open/write/close instead of stdlib calls for device IO
Always reconfigure wakeup sources before entering suspend
Always wake up from suspend to StateNoInput
Modify screenlock to suspend on triple pressing volume down button

Led indicators as follows:
  Blue: Screenlocked
  Purple: Screenlocked and Screenoff
  Red: CRUST suspend
Create empty file for contactsfile if missing
Ensure shellcheck passes
Add Foxtrotgps back to programs menu
e648f732 — Daniel Edgecumbe 1 year, 3 months ago
smxo_appmenu.sh: Use 'which' to kill pre-existing instances

We may have 'sxmo_appmenu.sh' in the full commandline of other tools
which we don't want to kill, for example lisgd arguments.

Signed-off-by: Miles Alan <m@milesalan.com>
Don't loop after paste in Maps in sxmo_appmenu.sh
Use setsid to update /tmp/sxmo_bar after call to refresh bar after process dead
Remove system audio recording - should be done via userscript
SIGKILL on close menu in dialer
Kill existing foxtrotgps before setting new settings via gsettings
This should prevent foxtrotgps from saving (e.g. overriding parameters)
unintentionally between sessions
Cleanup sxmo_weather.sh shellscript and make sure shellcheck passes
Show incoming contact name on ring; show texts in reverse chronological order
Plus prefix strip numbers before storing into modem log
Only show entries to text for directories that exist; fix number bugs
Remove temp files usage from sxmo_contacts.sh; & use awk to allow unsorted