Restore original svkbd colorscheme and bump up to use monospace-18 as font
Fix SIGTERM functionality by making sure to sync before free in cleanup()
Added Xft support (in the same fashion as done in dmenu by Hiltjo Posthuma), Xinerama support, changed colors and key layout

This is version 6 of my svkbd patch, and I'm nearing completion on all
the stuff I wanted to implement. I decided to split this patch into 4
logical units, making for a nicer commit history when merged,
all four together constitute all the work I did on svkbd
and need to be applied in succession.

See the last patch in the series (4/4) for comments on what I changed since

Signed-off-by: Miles Alan <m@milesalan.com>
Add pipe key to backslash key
Run XFlush instead of XSync before starting main loop; fixes bug where rending
of keys fails when used in conjunction w/ dwm dock patch
Fix SIGTERM handler - flip terminate flag in sigterm handler & cleanup properly

Modify run function to use select() with a timeout since X events will be
blocked otherwise and terminate wouldn't apply for a while.
Clean up secondary layout positioning LRDU properly & blanking placeholders
Move layouts to single layout.h file & toggle layers via memcpy w/ XK_Cancel
Add custom layouts
Delete unused layouts
Use 10x20 font
Bump up height of keyboard
fc267005 — Christoph Lohmann 7 years ago upstream-1.0
Bump year.
a5b40479 — Carlos J. Torres 9 years ago
allow make LAYOUT=...

Signed-off-by: Christoph Lohmann <20h@r-36.net>
b1ab226b — Christoph Lohmann 10 years ago
Adding ru and sh layout.

Thank you "Dmitrij D. Czarkoff" <czarkoff@gmail.com>!
7885b095 — Christoph Lohmann 10 years ago
Suckless is now using git. Thanks architekt!
ce0779e5 — Christoph Lohmann 11 years ago
Unpress modifiers so there is no problem when exiting svkbd inbetween.
d356e43d — Christoph Lohmann 11 years ago
Fixing the problem of repeating keys.
fc23b8e7 — Christoph Lohmann 12 years ago
Ed is <3.
447f3f2e — Christoph Lohmann 12 years ago
Adding delete to the German layout.