set version to for Sxmo
8159b7d3 — Hiltjo Posthuma 3 years ago
bump version to 0.8.4
6fb08b06 — Hiltjo Posthuma 3 years ago
config.mk: use PKG_CONFIG in commented OpenBSD section
b55f0bf6 — Hiltjo Posthuma 3 years ago
LICENSE: bump years
16f87134 — Hiltjo Posthuma 3 years ago
remove sixel stub code

Remove stub code that was used for an experiment of adding sixel code to st
from the commit f7398434.
0758c47c — Hiltjo Posthuma 3 years ago
fix unicode glitch in DCS strings, patch by Tim Allen

Reported on the mailinglist:

I discovered recently that if an application running inside st tries to
send a DCS string, subsequent Unicode characters get messed up. For
example, consider the following test-case:

    printf '\303\277\033P\033\\\303\277'


  - \303\277 is the UTF-8 encoding of U+00FF LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH
    DIAERESIS (ÿ).
  - \033P is ESC P, the token that begins a DCS string.
  - \033\\ is ESC \, a token that ends a DCS string.
  - \303\277 is the same ÿ character again.

If I run the above command in a VTE-based terminal, or xterm, or
QTerminal, or pterm (PuTTY), I get the output:


...which is to say, the empty DCS string is ignored. However, if I run
that command inside st (as of commit 9ba7ecf), I get:


...where those last two characters are \303\277 interpreted as ISO8859-1
characters, instead of UTF-8.

I spent some time tracing through the state machines in st.c, and so far
as I can tell, this is how it works currently:

  - ESC P sets the "ESC_DCS" and "ESC_STR" flags, indicating that
    incoming bytes should be collected into the strescseq buffer, rather
    than being interpreted.
  - ESC \ sets the "ESC_STR_END" flag (when ESC is received), and then
    calls strhandle() (when \ is received) to interpret the collected
  - If the collected bytes begin with 'P' (i.e. if this was a DCS
    string) strhandle() sets the "ESC_DCS" flag again, confusing the
    state machine.

If my understanding is correct, fixing the problem should be as easy as
removing the line that sets ESC_DCS from strhandle():

diff --git a/st.c b/st.c
index ef8abd5..b5b805a 100644
--- a/st.c
+++ b/st.c
@@ -1897,7 +1897,6 @@ strhandle(void)
	case 'P': /* DCS -- Device Control String */
-		term.mode |= ESC_DCS;
	case '_': /* APC -- Application Program Command */
	case '^': /* PM -- Privacy Message */

I've tried the above patch and it fixes my problem, but I don't know if
it introduces any others.
9e155f7b — Hiltjo Posthuma 3 years ago
FAQ: fix single-buffer patch

rebase against master
7698ddb4 — Hiltjo Posthuma 3 years ago
config.def.h: add an option allowwindowops, by default off (secure)

Similar to the xterm AllowWindowOps option, this is an option to allow or
disallow certain (non-interactive) operations that can be insecure or

NOTE: xsettitle() is not guarded by this because st does not support printing
the window title. Else this could be exploitable (arbitrary code execution).
Similar problems have been found in the past in other terminal emulators.

The sequence for base64-encoded clipboard copy is now guarded because it allows
a sequence written to the terminal to manipulate the clipboard of the running
user non-interactively, for example:

printf '\x1b]52;0;ZWNobyBoaQ0=\a'
ddeed2fa — Hiltjo Posthuma 3 years ago
FAQ: add some details about the w3m img hack

... and an example patch to switch from double-buffering to a single buffer.
4fd87590 — Hiltjo Posthuma 3 years ago
tiny style fix
e29dfa94 — Hiltjo Posthuma 3 years ago
Partially add back in "support REP (repeat) escape sequence"

Add the functionality back in for xterm compatibility, but do not expose the
capability in st.info (yet).

Some notes:

It was reverted because it caused some issues with ncurses in some
configurations, namely when using BSD padding (--enable-bsdpad, BSD_TPUTS) in
ncurses it caused issues with repeating digits.

A fix has been upstreamed in ncurses since snapshot 20200523. The fix is also
backported to OpenBSD -current.
f85f30f6 — Steve Ward 4 years ago
Call xsetcursor to set win.cursor in main

In xsetcursor, remove "DEFAULT(cursor, 1)" because 0 is a valid value.
Increase max allowed value of cursor from 6 to 7 (st extension).
c20f35ef — Hiltjo Posthuma 4 years ago
Revert "support REP (repeat) escape sequence"

This reverts commit e8392b282c2eaa28725241a9612804fb55113da4.

There is currently a bug in older ncurses versions (like on OpenBSD) where a
fix for a bug with REP is not backported yet. Most likely in tty/tty_update.c:

Noticed while using lynx (which uses ncurses/curses).
To reproduce using lynx: echo "Z0000000" | lynx -stdin

or using the program:

	WINDOW *win;
	win = initscr();




	return 0;

This prints "ZZZZZZZ" (incorrectly).
34080c75 — Avi Halachmi (:avih) 4 years ago
support REP (repeat) escape sequence

The sequence \e[Nb prints the last printed char N (more) times if it's
printable, and it's ignored after newline or other control chars.

This is Ecma-048/ANSI-X3.6 sequence and not DEC VT. It's supported by
xterm, and ncurses uses it when possible, e.g. when TERM is xterm* (and
with this commit also st*).

xterm supports only codepoints<=255, possibly due to internal limits.
We support any value/codepoint which was placed in a cell.

To test:
- tput rep 65 4 -> prints 'AAAA'
- printf "\342\225\246\033[4b" -> prints U+2566 1+4 times.
a87ae64c — Roberto E. Vargas 4 years ago
Add rin terminfo capability

Tianlin Qu discovered that st is missing rin (scroll back #1 lines).
Make shift+wheel behaves as shift+Prev/Next

St uses a very good hack where mouse wheel genereates ^Y and ^E,
that are the same keys that less and vi uses for backward and
fordward scrolling. Scroll, as many terminal emulators, use
shift+Prev/Next for scrolling, but it is also using ^E and ^Y
for scroling, characters that are reserved in the POSIX shell
in emacs mode for end of line and yanking, making scroll unsable
in st.

This patch adds a new hack, making shift+wheel returning the
same sequences than shift+Prev/Next, meaning that scroll or
any other similar program will not be able to differentiate
between them.
aeeb2a34 — Jakub Leszczak 4 years ago
Fix selection: selscroll
ddfed072 — Jakub Leszczak 4 years ago
Fix selection: ignore ATTR_WRAP when rectangular selection in getsel
cab9c8e7 — Jakub Leszczak 4 years ago
Fix selection: selclear in tputc
b0504580 — Hiltjo Posthuma 4 years ago
code-style: add fallthrough comment

Patch by Steve Ward, thanks.