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Sxmo: Simple X Mobile - Install Guide

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Prebaked Images

The easiest way to get started using Sxmo is just to grab a prebaked image from our image release page. These images are built via our continuous integration system based on the latest state of our alpine repository. These images under the hood are based on postmarketOS.

Install Steps:

  1. Download the latest release image from: Sxmo Pinephone Images
  2. Extract the image: unxz sxmo-pinephone*.xz
  3. Write the image to your SD card: dd if=sxmo-pinephone*.img of=/dev/mmcblkp0
  4. Pop the SD card into your Pinephone and see the Userguide
  5. Please note, the default username/password combination is: mo/mo

Using the Packages for Alpine Linux (use a pre-existing pmOS install)

If you don't want to use a prebaked image or already have a barebones Alpine or pmOS install, you can instead use the sxmo-ui package from our alpine repository directly. A single meta-package sxmo-ui is responsible for installing all of Sxmo's subpackages and required dependencies.

The install process for an existing Alpine or pmOS install looks like:

echo "http://sxmo.lrdu.org/alpine_repository/master" >> /etc/apk/repositories
wget "https://git.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-image-builder/blob/master/m%40milesalan.com-5e6e8e01.rsa.pub" -O "/etc/apk/keys/m@milesalan.com-5e6e8e01.rsa.pub"
apk update
apk add sxmo-ui