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#Sxmo: Simple X Mobile - Install Guide

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#Prebaked Images

The easiest way to get started using Sxmo is just to grab a prebaked image from our image release page. These images are built via our continuous integration system based on the latest versioned packages. These images under the hood are based on postmarketOS and are identical to what you'd get if you were to manually run pmbootstrap locally and chose Sxmo as your selected UI.

Install Steps:

  1. Download the latest release image from: Sxmo Pinephone Images
  2. Extract the image: unxz sxmo-pinephone*.xz
  3. Write the image to your SD card: dd if=sxmo-pinephone*.img of=/dev/mmcblkp0
  4. Pop the SD card into your Pinephone and see the Userguide
  5. Please note, the default username/password combination is: mo/mo
  6. Also note, the first time you boot up your SD card with Sxmo; pmOS will resize the root filesystem partition to the full size of the SD card. The time this takes is proportional to the size of the SD card, so if you use a large card expect this to take a few minutes - this is a one-time process and subsequent boots will be faster.

#Alternative: Use a New or existing pmOS install

If you'd like to setup full-disk encryption or want to customize your install further then the prebaked images can provide, you can install the postmarketos-ui-sxmo package directly for an existing or new pmOS install instead.

Refer to the pmOS installation guide documentation and when using pmbootstrap make sure to select Sxmo as your UI.