46ba3b69708bce63c788832eead8abed8306d67f — Stacy Harper 3 months ago 5e2b059
Update some of the env variable
1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

@@ 616,10 616,6 @@ The following environment variables can be set:
      <td>Integer specifying the interval in second for a temporary wake when suspended (e.g. to check notifications). Set to 0 to disable (default)</td>
      <td>Boolean, set to 1 to immediately turn the screen off upon locking (this skips the default first stage)</td>

@@ 657,6 653,10 @@ The following environment variables can be set:
        <td>Integer expressing the distance a gesture much minimally have to be recognized for gestures that act when pressed (such as volume/brightness control and scrolling) (unit corresponds to pixels usually)</td>
        <td>String to indicate the default country sxmo should fallback to when the phone numbers are not country code prefixed.</td>