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Update the doc after the cron job screenlock changes.
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@@ 232,10 232,18 @@ blinking stops and you will be kicked back into deep sleep mode. The purpose of
this 5 second timeout is so that if you accidently press the powerkey when the
phone is in your pocket, you won't inadvertently be kicked out of CRUST.

You can set the environment variable ``SXMO_RTCWAKEINTERVAL`` to an integer indicating an interval (in seconds) when to
temporarily wake the phone from sleep. You can use this period to receive notifications and optionally execute your own
``rtcwake`` hook script. During this wake interval, the led will be blue and purple again when suspension is
about to start.
Sxmo take care of making cron jobs to works. We use a little program called **mnc** to wake the phone up before the next planned cron job. We also wrap some sxmo logics in a dedicated script to :

- make the led to blink while doing the task
- manage the screenlock state while doing the task
- put the phone back to crust when done

* */15 * * * DISPLAY=:0 sxmo_rtcwake.sh sleep 10

This example will make a quick wakeup every 15 minutes. The `DISPLAY` variable here is mandatory to allow the script to handle screen lock state.

## **Calls and Texting**