c63a39cdc11b557700624463c7a37d3e19a54229 — Maarten van Gompel 6 months ago 96060aa
updated sxmo-xdm-config to ~mil and better cleaning of config.h
1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M sxmo_build_all.sh
M sxmo_build_all.sh => sxmo_build_all.sh +4 -1
@@ 9,7 9,7 @@ echo "Installing build dependencies (permanently, this may prompt for your sudo 
sudo apk add libxft-dev libx11-dev libxinerama-dev webkit2gtk-dev xproto linux-headers fontconfig-dev freetype-dev libxext-dev libinput-dev libudev-zero-dev ncurses || exit 1

repos="~mil/sxmo-utils ~mil/sxmo-dwm ~mil/sxmo-dmenu ~mil/lisgd ~mil/sxmo-surf ~mil/sxmo-st ~proycon/svkbd ~proycon/sxmo-xdm-config"
repos="~mil/sxmo-utils ~mil/sxmo-dwm ~mil/sxmo-dmenu ~mil/lisgd ~mil/sxmo-surf ~mil/sxmo-st ~proycon/svkbd ~mil/sxmo-xdm-config"

for repo in $repos; do
	echo "Obtaining $repo...">&2

@@ 23,6 23,9 @@ for repo in $repos; do
	echo "Building $repo... (may request sudo password)">&2
	sudo make clean
	if [ -f config.def.h ] && [ -f config.h ]; then
		cp -f config.def.h config.h
	sudo make PREFIX=/usr install || exit 1
	cd .. || exit 1