Repository of alpine APKBUILDs for sxmo - used to build https://sxmo.lrdu.org/alpine_repository/
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Deprecation notice: This repository has been deprecated as Sxmo's APKBUILD have been merged into pmOS. See: https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS/pmaports/-/tree/master/sxmo

#Development Guide

The Makefile has a bunch of tasks that let you build and deploy packages either remotely or locally. The simplest setup is to use your Pinephone to build the packages (make remote_build_and_install).

Bootstrap development environment on your machine (or on phone):

mkdir sxmo
cd sxmo
git clone git.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-{dev,dwm,surf,svkbd,st,utils,dmenu}

On phone:

sudo apk add alpine-sdk rsync
echo /home/demo/packages/sourcebuilds/ >> /etc/apk/repositories
sudo addgroup demo abuild
sudo chgrp abuild /var/cache/distfiles
sudo chmod g+w /var/cache/distfiles
abuild-keygen -a -i

Then in sxmo-dev folder run:

make remote_build_and_install pkg=sxmo-dwm v=6.2.4