Add WIP bumper-style case models
Fix typo - zcat
Add faster method for obtaining headers
README clarifications
Implement tap modifiers
Working symbols layer with shifting functionality as well
Fix modifier keys to report properly
README steps for usage & some cleanup
Use polling instead of interrupt to process events in ppbbq10_irq_handler

Make failure to acquire IRQ non-fatal
Disable backlight functionality
Write out data in single msg

  - https://github.com/arturo182/bbq10pmod_module/issues/1
  - https://github.com/berkutta/bbq10pmod_module/commit/ae8c561bb67cddb4bc23ec2941374d2b6d58cec2
Stylistic updates - alphabetize fns/defs, func decls on nl, etc.
Rename to ppbbq10; use 3rd I2C adapter rather then using module device table
Delete map & dts file
57c6ebc3 — arturo182 2 years ago
Add backlight as its own device so it can be controlled over sysfs
f1460b04 — arturo182 2 years ago
Change the key mapping to a static array and add keymap

The keymap can be loaded using the `loadkeys` command.
aac6567b — arturo182 2 years ago
Add support for new features in the chip SW

Mainly new CFG bits that make it easier to map the keys on Linux.
f19e8c43 — arturo182 2 years ago
Changed the keymap to sparse, WIP
dc8147fa — arturo182 2 years ago
Initial import

Not quite working but it's something