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# ppbbq10

Experimental Kernel module for Arturo182's BBQ10 PMOD.
Forked from: 

Current differences:
- Assumed Pinephones I2C (e.g. uses /dev/i2c-3 rather then relying on DTC update)
- Uses polling rather then interrupts (yes I know this is aint great)

- Support QMK-like features (like tap modifiers etc.)
- Multiple layers

## Usage Instructions
Tested on pmOS but should generally work on any distro.

1. First test to make sure you're I2C is hooked up properly. Run `i2c-detect -y 3`.
This should show 0x1F showing up. It shouldn't be blank or just -- all throughout.

2. Fetch the kernel headers. On debian or arch you can probably just install linux-headers
and be on your merry way. On pmOS linux-headers for linux-postmarketos-allwinner
are currently broken. So instead you can just grab the source from GH and prepare

3. Clone this repo:

4. Build the kernel module

5. Load the kernel module