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# ppbbq10

Kernel module for [Arturo182's BBQ10](https://www.tindie.com/products/arturo182/bb-q10-keyboard-pmod/) PMOD.
Forked from: 

Current differences:
- Assumed Pinephones I2C (e.g. uses /dev/i2c-3 rather then relying on DTC update)
## Overview

Kernel module for [Arturo182's BBQ10](https://www.tindie.com/products/arturo182/bb-q10-keyboard-pmod/) PMOD that works out of the box with the Pinephone. Forked from:  https://github.com/arturo182/bbq10pmod_module . Supports multiple layers and mod-tap modifiers.

Current differences from Arturo's original kernel module:
- Assumes Pinephones I2C (e.g. uses /dev/i2c-3 rather then relying on DTC update)
- Uses polling rather then interrupts (yes I know this is aint great)
- Support secondary layer by pressing Sym button (rather then keymap)
- Tap-modifier & Hold-modifiers for Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and 2ndary layer

- Support QMK-like features (like tap modifiers etc.)
- Multiple layers
- 3rd layer support for programming symbols etc
- Remove polling, figure out interrupts
- Bugfixes to improve reliability on disconnect / reconnect and suspend / resume

## Usage Instructions
Tested on pmOS but should generally work on any distro.

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