GUI scripts based on gtk-server to allow searching nominatim interactively
Remove early termination line preventing search() from functioning
Make search functional based on curling nominatim
Modularize & pack 2 searches into a gtk_box


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Note: This repository is a work-in-progress project, use at your own caution.

This repository contains scripts that display GTK3 UIs that allow searching from Nominatim and displaying the results interactively. The resulting picked item is dumped as a latitude/longitude. Either 1 target (e.g. a single place or location) may be searched for or 2 locations (e.g. for a from/to routing prompt) may be searched for. The scripts are built out through gtk-server.

The intended use for this project is within mepo as an improvement to how Nominatim prompts are currently handled with zenity. For searches, using this project, 2 UI prompts (query and result picking) will be condensed to 1 UI view. And additionally, for routing condensed 4 UI prompts (from/to search & picking) to 1 UI view.