Mobile Linux X Lock: X11 screenlocker that binds volkeys/power keys and lets you toggle screen on/off/suspend
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This is a simple C/X11 program originally built for Sxmo to toggle between screen on, screen off, and suspend mode and correlates the LEDs to blue/purple/red accordingly. In early versions of Sxmo this was used as the primary lock mechanism - it has since been removed from Sxmo, however it is helpful as a standalone program for creating your own X11 mobile Linux enviroment etc. and is now used as part of the tlml project. Testing has largely been performed on the Pinephone however other devices should work and patches would be accepted for cross-device compatability.


There are essentially 3 'modes' represented by a different color LED each.


  • Deep Sleep Mode (Red):
    • This is CRUST (e.g. suspend state / low power / sleep)
  • Screen On Mode (Blue):
    • Keeps the screen on to see temporarily what's on the display
    • After 10 seconds in this mode without keypresses, automatically kicks back into deep sleep mode
  • Screen Off Mode - e.g. Music Mode (Purple):
    • Turns the screen off
    • Doesn't automatically kick into deep sleep mode
    • Use this for music or to keep SSH connections alive but having screen off to conserve battery life


  • Volume Up (3x): Exit the program
  • Volume Down (3x): Toggle between screen on / screen off mode
  • Power Button: Toggle deep sleep mode