Fix typosin scrits docs
Update links on README
Update links for demo videos
Mark roadmap milestones 6 & 8 as complete for 1.0 tag
Misc typo fixes for mepolang api doc
Bump version to 1.0
Fix a few more typos
Fix a few typos
Cleanup mepolang documentation strings for consistency
Fix regression with overpass relation routing script

Syntax for pin_add changed, and name wasn't being printed correctly
to handle.
Print argument for -d spec in -h help flag
Rework manpage and cleanup
Update anchor links for docs page
Consistency for mepolang doc strings use `quote` strings
Update roadmap; segfault on x86_64 flatpak not replicable
Mark screencasts as done
Udate roadmap based on current project progress
Typo fix and add small note about env support on features