Make running fns in mepolang_execute nonfatal
Add to default config to autoload ~/.mepo/bookmarks
Wordexp filepaths from mepolang commands
Move wordexp logic into fileutil
Add fileload mepolang command to load mepolang from arbitrary filepath
Fix tests for tokenize: pass allocator as param
Remove panic superfluous logic for read_stdin
Update docs/error messages for 0.8.1
Upgrade to build against 0.8.1
Fix errorcode for blit_multiline_text CreateTextureFromSurface
Remove adhoc heap allocators in stringsutil / properly pass allocator param
Move all logic related to filling rects sdlutil
Remove un-necessary pub visibility from API implementation fns
Fix a few minor error handling codes
Use u24/hex values for render_set_draw_color helper fn
Add u24_to_sdl_color()
20 concurrent transfers default
Add friendly error message if built against wrong version of zig