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@@ 32,7 32,7 @@ bookmarks, and more.
    also as a bonus: portable.
  - Built in a non GC'd language ([Zig](https://ziglang.org/)) with an aim toward careful
    memory usage and allocations/deallocations
- **UNIX-philosophy inspired design - scriptability via [mepolang](doc/userguide.md#strongmepolangstrong)**:
- **UNIX-philosophy inspired design - scriptability via [mepolang](http://mepo.milesalan.com/mepolang.html)**:
  - Mepo's UI is built **to do one thing well**: download & render maps.
    Extra functionality is enabled via its command language / API (Mepolang).
  - Reduces overall application logic complexity, handing over to

@@ 63,6 63,9 @@ bookmarks, and more.
  - Provides vi-like (& customizable) keybindings out-of-the-box.
  - Should be usable in touch-oriented environments like the PinePhone and
    similar where a physical keyboard isn't present.
  - Compatible across multiple Linux mobile environments including: Phosh,
    Plasma Mobile, Sxmo, and Swmo. Being written in SDL ensures good support
    and portability to other future environments as well.

## **Documentation Website**
Mepo has a documentation website which lives at: [mepo.milesalan.com](http://mepo.milesalan.com)