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Fix manpage typo for DRUL gesture
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@@ 46,7 46,7 @@ Path of the dev filesystem device to monitor (like /dev/input/event1).
.BR \-g ", " \-g\ nfingers,gesture,edge,distance,actmode,command\fR
Allows you to bind a gesture wherein nfingers is an integer, gesture is
one of {LR,RL,DU,UD,DLUR,URDL,ULDR,DLUR}, edge is one of * (any), N (none), L
one of {LR,RL,DU,UD,DLUR,DRUL,URDL,ULDR}, edge is one of * (any), N (none), L
(left), R (right), T (top), B (bottom), TL (top left), TR (top right), BL
(bottom left), BR (bottom right) and distance is one of * (any), S (short), M
(medium), L (large), actmode is R (release) for normal mode and P (pressed) for