Libinput synthetic gesture daemon - Bind gestures on touchscreens, and unsupported gesture devices via libinput touch events
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Lisgd (libinput synthetic gesture daemon) lets you bind gestures based on libinput touch events to run specific commands to execute. For example, dragging left to right with one finger could execute a particular command like launching a terminal. L-R, R-L, U-D, and D-U swipe gestures are supported with 1 through n fingers.

Unlike other libinput gesture daemons, lisgd uses touch events to recognize synthetic swipe gestures rather than using the libinput's gesture events. The advantage of this is that the synthetic gestures you define via lisgd can be used on touchscreens, which normal libinput gestures don't support.

This program was built for use on the Pinephone; however it could be used in general for any device that supports touch events, like laptop touchscreens or similar. You may want to adjust the threshold depending on the device you're using.


Configuration can be done in two ways:

  1. Through a suckless style config.h; see the config.def.h
  2. Through commandline flags which override the default config.h values

Suckless-style config.h based configuration

Copy the example config.def.h configuration to config.h.

Commandline flags based configuration


  • -d [devicenodepath]: Defines the dev filesystem device to monitor
    • Example: lisgd -d /dev/input/input1
  • -t [threshold_units]: Number of libinput units (number) minimum to recognize a gesture
    • Example: lisgd -t 400
  • -v: Verbose mode, useful for debugging
    • Example: lisgd -v
  • -g [fingers,start,end,command]: Defines a gesture; wherein fingers is a integer, start/end are {l,r,d,u}, and command is the command to execute
    • Single Gesture Example: lisgd -g "1,l,r,notify-send swiped lr"
    • Multiple Gestures Example: lisgd -g "1,l,r,notify-send swiped lr" -g "1,r,l,noitfy-send swiped rl"

Full commandline-based configuration example:

lisgd -d /dev/input/input1 -g "1,l,r,notify-send swiped lr" -t 200 -v


  • Diagnol swipe gestures
  • Gestures recognition based on screenspace executed in