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#fbp: Contributing

fbp is open to contributions however the process and the methodology for contributing is a lot less solidified then the process for f_scripts. The reason for this is that fbp I consider more experimental, work-in-progress / alpha-quality software.

So what's the state of things from the high-level?

  • Written in Zig (0.9.1); codebase with around 2K LOC
  • Some memory leaks, although usable.. things are being reworked
  • Admittedly using some hacks in a few places (such as being fixed on US/ASCII) for modifiers, fixed buffer sizes etc.
  • Most functionality implemented (not looking for new features on a whole)
  • Very open to refactoring suggestions, cleanup / compatibilty improvements

If you have an idea please reach out via ML, tickets, or IRC. Patches can be sent to the framebufferphone mailing list.

#Building locally

apk add build-base linx-headers freetype-dev