Add note about project being discontinued
All scripts: unset strict_errexit to resolve regression with oil 0.11

As of oil 0.11 it seems that strict_errexit is included as a part of
strict:all. This breaks things such as `echo $(echo foo) || echo bar` and
similar patterns. While eventually this behavior is ideal and desired,
the upgrade path for f_scripts is to eventually jump directly to oil
and use oil error handling.
f_audio: Set AIF1 DA0 to 20% rather then 100% to prevent distortion
f_phone: Use any available modem & show opts for a few action prompts
f_networks: Fix deps based on alpine package refactoring
f_maps: populate fbp strings based on mepo_ui_central_menu.sh menuoptions kbs
f_web: Disable bg clearing in directfb to prevent clearing of fbp space
f_maps: Disable bg clearing in directfb to prevent clearing fbp space
Regenerate README documentation
Fix typo in contributing guide.
f_phone: Fix hardcoded path for modem history file
Fix naming consistency for F_RSS's sfeed variable F_RSS_SFEEDRC_DATA
f_files, f_youtube: start mpv with --volume=10
f_files: Handle .opus files
f_files: Add m4a/wav to open in mpv
f_rss: Fix hotkey for quitting sfeed_curses
f_maps: Add one last missing dependency for mesa-gl
f_maps: Fix dep name for vis
f_maps: Add missing directfb dep and force dfb via SDL_VIDEODRIVER
f_maps: Add missing deps for mepo 0.3 compat