I'm Miles, also see: http://milesalan.com

My nick is mla on IRC.


Minimal FOSS Public Transportation Router based on Dijkstra's Algorithm & GTFS. Currently in development & testing.


Website for mepo


GTFS to SQLite import utility with automatic ingestion from Mobility DB; pairs with mobroute


Fast, simple, and hackable OSM map viewer for Linux. Designed with the Pinephone & mobile linux in mind; works both offline and online.


Contains the scripts and small C programs that glues the sxmo enviroment together


Tiling Mobile Linux example .xinitrc


Dwm for sxmo - multikey, swallow, dock, among other patches.


GUI scripts based on gtk-server to allow searching nominatim interactively


Libinput Multipress Key Daemon: Use libinput to bind multipress key events to execute different actions.


(Discontinued) Mobile linux, standalone, prompt-driven scripts to accompany fbp as part of the framebufferphone project. There's a script for that!


(Discontinued) Framebuffer linux phone UI enviroment featuring a keyboard, arbitrary/scriptable string typer, and lock mode; usable via touch & hardware (volume) keys


Mobile Linux X Lock: X11 screenlocker that binds volkeys/power keys and lets you toggle screen on/off/suspend


Introductory documentation for framebufferphone; explaining f_scripts and fbp.


Tiling Mobile Linux: minimalistic utilities to make using standard tiling window managers with mobile Linux simple (doc)

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