I'm Miles, also see: http://github.com/mil

My nick is mla on IRC.


Kernel module for arturo182's BBQ10 PMOD that works OOB with the Pinephone & supports mod-taps


Simple X Mobile documentation


XDM configuration for sxmo; automatically launches svkbd and has minor styling.


Dwm for sxmo - multikey, swallow, dock, among other patches.


Contains the scripts and small C programs that glues the sxmo enviroment together


Libinput synthetic gesture daemon - Bind gestures on touchscreens, and unsupported gesture devices via libinput touch events


Build script to pull down all sxmo repositories tip and build locally.


Dmenu for sxmo - works via using volume/power keys for seletion along with some other patches


The suckless surf browser fork for sxmo.


St terminal emulator for sxmo.


Continous integration task to build images that are posted to https://sxmo.lrdu.org/images/


Repository of alpine APKBUILDs for sxmo - used to build https://sxmo.lrdu.org/alpine_repository/


Svkbd onscreen keyboard for sxmo - includes mobile-optimized layouts.