0.2.0 1 year, 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

mikelma (67):
      identifier grammar fix
      basic lua macro implementation
      wrong compiler error message fix
      node_type lua function return string
      println added to macros example
      CHANGELOG updated
      constant value import bug fixed
      comparison binary operations added for boolean type
      defaut float type changed to f64
      lua dependency added
      add @len built-in function
      cargo fmt
      exec module renamed to expand and lua_utils module added
      macro errors now use tables
      support for expr, stmt and stmts rules for quote function in macros
      macro output is now recorded in unit's symbol table
      macos example updated
      basic compilation options for struct, enum and macros
      compilation options for functions
      example basic renamed to overview
      compilation option path added to macros
      ability to import macros from other okta modules
      list compilation options added
      derive compile time option for structs
      basic derive implementation for structs
      avoid importing same prototype definitions multiple times in a single compilation unit
      deadlock fix
      macro examples updated
      verbose and quiet cli flags added
      example macros updated
      cleanup and better type formatting
      update README
      dependencies updated
      update to rustc 1.59
      update version 0.1.1->0.2.0
      include version and author
      rust edition update 2019-2021
      build lua statically when building mlua
      remove debug info in release mode
      add support for extra clang flags
      update README
      lua_utils splitted to macros/utils module
      macroQuote accepts sequences of statements
      added new module  for macros
      unicode character code escape sequence added
      import multiple modules under the same prefix fixed
      support for path resolving and absolute paths when importing modules
      docs added
      update CHANGELOG
      update README
      fix: don't allow applying binary operators to non literals
      rule parsing struct and enums as identifiers fixed
      derive macro implementation for functions
      replace about key with description
      derive macro implementation for enums
      update CHANGELOG
      @inttoptr built-in function added
      @ptrtoint built-in function added
      allow member access on references to structs
      update reference
      update changelog
      update reference
      fix: @len does not work with str type
      mandelbrot example added
      fix typos
      update README links

0.1.0 1 year, 10 months ago .tar.gz browse log

This is the first release of oktac.
Future 0.1.* versions will to be
compatible with this version.