Combinatorial optimization via distribution estimation with neural networks
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#nnco-lib: Distribution Estimation with neural networks for combinatorial optimization

This repository contains all the source code employed in the paper Distribution Estimation with neural networks for combinatorial optimization, as well as instructions and examples on how to use it.

NOTE: The paper hasn't been published yet. Once published, a link to the paper will be provided.

NOTE: This repository is hosted in SourceHut, but a GitHub mirror is also maintained for convenience.


Probability distributions have been successfully used for approaching combinatorial optimization problems. However, in many cases, using such methods introduce large computational overheads, and in some cases, controlling the convergence of the algorithm has shown challenging.

The aim of this paper is to introduce a new framework that by the hand of neural networks is able to efficiently estimate probability distributions over the search space of combinatorial problems. Particularly, the approach permits to iteratively update the parameters of a neural network model whose output describes probability distributions that give high probability to the solutions of the problem that are likely to have high objective function value. Conducted experiments reveal that the presented proposal has better performance in terms of objective value and execution time when compared to analogous estimation of distribution algorithms. Not limited to that, the experimental analysis points out a much more controllable convergence of the algorithm by adjusting the settings of the neural network.


  • pytorch (tested on 1.12.0)
  • numpy (tested on 1.22.3)
  • matplotlib (optional, only used in the examples)
  • Rust (version 1.41 and up): Used to build pypermu (a precompiled binary is provided in this repo, only for Linux x86_64)

#How to use

#From a notebook

#Using the library

This repository provides a python module (library) that you can use to develop your own experiments. The module is located in the nnco/ directory inside this repo.

Download & build & use:

mkdir my-own-project
cd my-own-project

git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/mikelma/nnco_lib.git

# Build dependencies
cd nnco_lib/pypermu && cargo b --release && mv target/release/libpypermu.so ../../pypermu.so
cd ../..

ln -s nnco_lib/nnco nnco

# If executing the following commands don't produce any errors, you are ready to go!
echo "import nnco" >> test.py
echo "from pypermu import problems" >> test.py
python3 test.py
#Running the examples

The best way to get started is to run the provided examples. Examples are located in the examples/ direcotry within this repo.

In order to run the examples (these steps assume that you have followed the instructions above):

cp examples/main_umd.py
python3 main_umd.py instances/PFSP/tai20_5_0.fsp

# LOP + PL
cp examples/main_pl.py
python3 main_pl.py instances/LOP/tai20_5_0.fsp