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Welcome to the public repository of the booksin.space project, a free library in Geminispace.

BOOKSIN.SPACE is a collaborative effort by Gemini enthusiasts to contribute something interesting and meaningful to Geminispace, in the form of access to free literature. This is a not-for-profit community project---contributions are welcome!

If you'd like to get involved, visit the mailing list or ticket tracker to see what's happening with the project, or subscribe to receive updates about our progress.

#Contributing to the Library

The books in our library are all in text/gemini (gemtext) format. To contribute a book to our shelves, simply produce a gemtext version, complete and prepend the necessary YAML frontmatter (using this template), then submit the .gmi/.gemini file as a patch to the mailing list. If you are unfamiliar with git and sending patches but would still like to contribute a book, attaching a .gmi/.gemini file to your email works too :)

All texts contributed as patches should be deposited in the cataloging folder. The filename should contain no spaces, and be descriptive of the content (e.g., gibran_the-prophet.gmi). The cataloging folder also contains a template to be completed and prepended to each individual text submitted. The only metadata required for submission are: author, title, language, and license. The optional data is used for building indexes to facilitate browsing the library by different categoires, such as by publication, publisher, etc., and it is also used to generate bibtex files for each individual item in the library.

# YAML frontmatter template for submissions to the
# booksin.space library. MIND THE WHITESPACE :)

# required fields
author: # use list syntax for multiple authors:
- Unknown # unkown is OK
- Anonymous # anonymous is OK
lang: # language code (e.g., 'en' for English, 'ko' for Korean, etc.)
license: # eg. public domain, CC-BY, etc.

# optional fields, delete what you don't need :)
attribution: # additional information required by license
editor: # use list syntax for multiple editors
- editor one
- editor two
translator: # use list syntax for multiple translators
- translator one
- translator two
  volume: # arabic numerals
  issue: # arabic numerals

# if a field your submission needs is missing, go ahead and
# add it in! Just be sure to mention it when submitting
# your patch.

NOTE: The YAML frontmatter begins and ends with a triple dash ("---"). Copy and paste everything, including the triple dashes, into the beginning of your submission. Remove any optional fields you do not need, and add any that you do.

#Submission Guidelines

#Tips for Gemtext-ifying Digital Texts

Converting a text to gemtext format is much easier to do if the source format is a markup/hypertext that common conversion tools like pandoc understand. That is, unless the text is very short, starting with plain text will require much more manual work to produce a nice gemtext book. The easiest method is to get either start with or convert the text into a format for which there exists a convenient gemtext converter, i.e. HTML or Markdown. Of course, the nature of the content may still require manual formatting, or may even escape the minimalism of gemtext altogether; such as math formulae, etc.

#Converting Books from Project Gutenberg

The books at Project Gutenberg are all in the public domain. When sourcing texts from PG, please remove ALL of the front and backmatter that PG includes in their books. Yes, this is legal, and what PG recommends. Our library is not affiliated with PG, it does not mirror its content nor serve as a proxy to their archives. In this case, it is unnecessary to include the PG license statements in book sourced from their repositories.


Our library will accept any texts with a free license, such as books in the public domain or creative commons. Copyrighted material can be included if the copyright holder gives explicit permission to booksin.space to distribute a manifestation of their work (or part of it). Academic pre-prints are wholly welcome (and encouraged)!

#Formatting and Style Guidelines

We are a library, but being that all (or most) of our books are new recreations of existing texts, we are also a kind of pseudo-publisher. There are no formal style rules to which submissions must adhere, however. If you want to make a sweet ASCII banner (cover) for the book you are submitting, that's awesome! If you want to use superscripts for footnotes or pandoc-style footnote syntax, it's all gravy. In general, the rule of thumb is consistency. It is unreasonable to expect all texts of all types in all languages from all time periods to adhere to the same style rules. Take whatever license you need to make your submission look good and make sense. Just be sure that whatever formatting and styling decisions you make are consistent throughout the text.

With that said, please submit texts as a single file. Do not separate a book into multiple chapters/files. It may be desirable for longer texts to be available in per-chpater formats, but this feature is best handled by the shelving utility and may be added at a later date.

#Acceptible Content

Our shelves welcome any genre or form of text-based media. That being said, there are some exceptions:

  • booksin.space does not tolerate misinformation, hate speech, homophobia, racism, etc. We will not be a soap box for your shitty "politics."
  • Do not send us classified materials. Do not send us illegal materials.