Wrocław, Poland



Simple Telegram bot for instant banning of spam users joining the channel if a regex matches.


Simple application for displaying a Maidenhead locator written in GTK4 with mobile phones in mind


Client for RigExpert AA-30 and possibly others


SATEL alarm telegram bot for hswro


Simple reposter of Telegram channel content, with regex filtering capability.


Simple TUI quiz application


Clone of https://github.com/probakowski/go-satel with my changes


My fork of libsigrok - LabNation SmartScope experiments


My fork of https://github.com/Edzelf/ESP32Radio-V2


rrcontrol using Zephyr


APRS beacon broadcasting in APRS-IS for SP6PWS


RPi Pico code that shows up as an USB HID Mouse and moves a little bit every once in a while


UART-to-WIFI/HTTP gateway based on ESP32 or ESP8266

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