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\title{Advanced Data Structures}
\author{Martin Hafskjold Thoresen}

\newcommand{\topics}[1]{Topics: \textit{#1}}


This book is a collection of notes the course \textit{Advanced Data Structures} at ETH Z\"urich, in the spring of 2017.
The chapters are arranged in the same way as the lectures, and some chapters covers material from two lectures.


\topics{Universal hashing, tabulation hashing, hash tables, cuckoo hashing.}

% Operations we need: \code{Update}
We already know how to

\chapter{Static Tree Queries}

Lowest Common Ancestor (\texttt{LCA}), Level Ancestor (\texttt{LA}),
Range Queries, Range Trees.


String search, suffix trees, suffix arrays.

\chapter{Temporal Structures}

Partial persistency, full persistency, funcitonal persistency,
pareial retroactivity, full retroactivity.

\chapter{Connectivity in Dynamic Graphs}

Dynamic connectivity on trees, euler tour trees.

\chapter{Lower Bounds}

Dynamic partial sums, dynamic connectivity.

\chapter{Integer Structures}

van Emde Boas, x-fast trees, y-fast trees, fusion trees.

\chapter{Succinct Structures}
Rank, Select


Locks, Lock-free structures, lists, priority queues.