A minor mode for focused writing.
Listen to window-size-change-functions to recenter text


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#Focus mode

A minor mode for focused writing. Highlights the sentence at your cursor so you can better ignore your inner editor and focus on finishing that first draft.

focus-mode demo


M-x package-vc-install https://git.sr.ht/~mgmarlow/focus-mode RET


Activate focus-mode in any text mode:

M-x focus-mode RET


This is important! focus-mode uses the built-in Emacs sentence detection, meaning it is subject to the sentence-end-double-space variable. By default, Emacs assumes that two spaces follow a sentence-terminating period. It's likely that this is not the behavior you expect.

If you want focus-mode to behave more like a normal word processor, the following config change is recommended:

(customize-set-variable 'sentence-end-double-space nil)

A value of nil tells Emacs that sentences have only one space following periods.

#Sentence vs. paragraph focus

You can either focus the current sentence or the current paragraph depending on the value of focus-type. The default is sentence.

(customize-set-variable 'focus-type 'paragraph)

#Font faces

By default, font faces assume dark mode. The values are plucked from ef-themes-autumn. If you use light mode, you will want to customize these faces to suit your theme.

  • focus-face-main: Font face for primary, focused text.

  • focus-face-dim: Font face for background, dimmed text.

#Text centering

  • focus-centered-column-width: Max width of centered text during focus-mode. Defaults to current-fill-column to play nicely with auto-fill-mode.