add address as metadata
add text and button to exclude Plausible tracking
add charset and encoding to PHPMailer setup



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Contact form setup

For npm run staging you need to have the php command available and PHPAutomailer available in the PHP load path. (i.e. in /usr/share/php).

contact.php gets filled with metadata by eleventy.

When deploying you need an mail-config.ini file in the same directory as contact.php providing the following: (beware the quoted strings)

#Building for deployment

The environment variable DOMAIN is used when building for production builds.

#Initializing composer

Composer is needed for mail sending to work.


  • ssh access to your web host
  • composer is installed and available as the command composer.
composer install

composer update

#About the use of .htaccess files

This repo is optimized to be used on shared hosting with no access to main configuration files for the web server.

Therefore it uses .htaccess files to override / set new Apache rules.

If you can, you should set all rules found in this repo on the main httpd.conf file of your web server.

Further reading: Don't Use .htaccess Unless You Must