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update config.nims
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add in some extra images. make fswatch and imagemagick off by default.
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img tags aren't self closing


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memex is a small project for building a minimal wiki for myself. it is written primarily in Nim.

the memex itself can be seen here


  • converts markdown files to html using nim-markdown.
  • calculates backlinks between entries, appends edit time


  • nimble & nim compiler, and a C compiler
  • optional for musl build: musl-gcc, upx, strip,
  • optional for memex watch: fswatch
  • optional for memex downscale: ImageMagick (7.0.10)


The binary comes in at a few megabytes, however, if you want a small binary you can use musl to get a static, portable binary size - just over 300kb.

# use nimble for a simple build
nimble build memex

# use musl for an optimized build
nim musl -d:useimagemagick=false -d:pcre src/memex.nim