simplytranslate_web/main.py -rw-r--r-- 4.7 KiB
Fix possibly unbound variables error
359813b1 — fattalion 8 days ago
Refactor not showing engine links with one engine
Ignore engine select field if there is only one engine
1826f285 — fattalion 9 days ago
Add configuration file
Revert "Add configuration file"

This reverts commit ac327bdde205232260eb67be338ce488cba245df.
ac327bdd — fattalion 15 days ago
Add configuration file
Use new utility functions from engines
Make app.run on host
Turn typing is cool into a button
Add switch-languages button
Rename info to about
Add info.html
9c0c2cde — fattalion 2 months ago
Add a link to share translations
6010f71e — fattalion 3 months ago
Remove switchengine (not used anymore)
5c557d2d — fattalion 3 months ago
Migrate to engine classes
cb40d99c — fattalion 4 months ago
Small refactor to getting form data
42475d1f — fattalion 4 months ago
Small refactor to getting langs from form body
42e80332 — fattalion 4 months ago
Always get translation if input is not blank
092644cf — fattalion 5 months ago
Fix bug where langs in URL args are "ignored"
Add support for google argument style