Add List of Instances to README
Change name to SimplyTranslate
a613f4dd — fattalion 3 months ago
Add missing newline in installation instructions
d943710e — fattalion 3 months ago
Retain engine when toggling typingiscool
d6acff7d — fattalion 3 months ago
Use links for engines instead of buttons

Apparently multiple submit buttons in the same form don't work in Dillo.
6010f71e — fattalion 3 months ago
Remove switchengine (not used anymore)
Add Lingva Translate to 'other projects like this'
5c557d2d — fattalion 4 months ago
Migrate to engine classes
cb40d99c — fattalion 4 months ago
Small refactor to getting form data
42475d1f — fattalion 4 months ago
Small refactor to getting langs from form body
42e80332 — fattalion 4 months ago
Always get translation if input is not blank
Add IRC channel to README
092644cf — fattalion 5 months ago
Fix bug where langs in URL args are "ignored"
Add support for google argument style
de4d8b93 — fattalion 5 months ago
Allow choosing text fields or dropdowns for langs
word-break: use break-word instead of break-all
Remove redundant await

Going to /translate/$from/$to/$text/ crashes with 500 because string
can't be awaited.
fix overflow on mobile
37a5ffc4 — fattalion 5 months ago
Show newlines in translated text
installation steps completed

dependency "quart" is needed to run SimplyTranslate Web


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "main.py", line 1, in <module>
    from quart import Quart, render_template, request
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'quart'