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Rename info to about
Add info.html
f17057d1 — fattalion 4 months ago
Make sharing link text clearer
9c0c2cde — fattalion 4 months ago
Add a link to share translations
ec7fa1ac — fattalion 4 months ago
Add some meta tags to improve SEO rank (hopefully)
Change name to SimplyTranslate
d943710e — fattalion 5 months ago
Retain engine when toggling typingiscool
d6acff7d — fattalion 5 months ago
Use links for engines instead of buttons

Apparently multiple submit buttons in the same form don't work in Dillo.
6010f71e — fattalion 5 months ago
Remove switchengine (not used anymore)
de4d8b93 — fattalion 7 months ago
Allow choosing text fields or dropdowns for langs
37a5ffc4 — fattalion 7 months ago
Show newlines in translated text
ecddbe5e — fattalion 7 months ago
Use select for languages and buttons for engines
Update link in index.html
Initial commit