Fix possibly unbound variables error
24ff2cfd — fattalion 5 days ago
Minor HTML improvements (UI-wise and code-wise)
359813b1 — fattalion 5 days ago
Refactor not showing engine links with one engine
7f5d23dc — fattalion 5 days ago
Add missing colon in CSS statement
Underline selected engine
Ignore engine select field if there is only one engine
1826f285 — fattalion 7 days ago
Add configuration file
Add weblinks to contributors
Fix buttons being smaller than other elements
Add favicon
Make stylesheets inline to save loading time
Revert "Add configuration file"

This reverts commit ac327bdde205232260eb67be338ce488cba245df.
Major Design Rework
ac327bdd — fattalion 12 days ago
Add configuration file
Use new utility functions from engines
Fix about.html style and general stylesheet names
Add Lingva Translate to about - projects like this
Make app.run on host
Turn typing is cool into a button
Add switch-languages button