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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


To see active instances, refer to Our Project Page

For the rest of the documentation, https://tube.metalune.xyz will be used as an example instance.

If you want to visit any page from your PeerTube instance of choice in SimpleerTube, just prepend https://tube.metalune.xyz to the URL. So, https://videos.lukesmith.xyz/accounts/luke becomes https://tube.metalune.xyz/videos.lukesmith.xyz/accounts/luke.

If you visit the main page, you can search globally (it uses Sepia Search in the backend).


You need to setup a few dependencies first, usually using pip (sudo apt install python3-pip on Debian):

$ sudo pip3 install quart bs4 html2text lxml python-dateutil

Note: If there are other dependencies that are not packaged with your system, please report them to us so they can be added to this README.

Now you can run a development environment like so:

$ python3 main.py # Starts on localhost:5000
$ python3 main.py # Starts on
$ python3 main.py 7171 # Starts on localhost:7171
$ python3 main.py 7171 # Starts on
$ python3 main.py ::1 7171 # Also works with IPv6 addresses

It is strongly disrecommended to run the production using this command. Instead, please refer to the Quart deployment docs.


We have our TODO-Tracker hosted on todo.sr.ht: SimpleerTube


This software is distributed under the AGPLv3 license. You can find a copy in the LICENSE file.