ref: 1a13d0465d1a6f4f74bc5b07b04c9bd542f20ba6 dmenu/LICENSE -rw-r--r-- 1.5 KiB
1a13d046 — Hiltjo Posthuma 10 months ago
bump version to 5.0

... and bump LICENSE year.
153aaf88 — Quentin Rameau 2 years ago
Close when the embedding window is destroyed
65be875f — Anselm R Garbe 2 years ago
Prepared 4.9 release.
2f398981 — Quentin Rameau 3 years ago

Only "meaningful" commits and contributors who made changes over the
years have been added.
4b1fecd4 — Hiltjo Posthuma 6 years ago
Use libdraw: add Xft and fallback-fonts support to graphics lib

- libdraw, util: add drw.{c,h}, util.{c,h} and update code.
- libdraw: fix drw_rect(): use w and h parameter.
- libdraw: print errstr if last character in string was ":" (sbase).
- libdraw: drw_clr_free() allow valid free(NULL).
- config.def.h: set default font to monospace.
- cleanup() on exit.
- LICENSE: update license string for dmenu -v to 2015.
- LICENSE: add myself to LICENSE
4c50e43d — Anselm R Garbe 7 years ago
updated copyright notices in LICENSE and dmenu.c file
13f78730 — Anselm R Garbe 7 years ago
applied Martti Kühne's dmenu monitor patch
https://gist.github.com/mar77i/3349298/raw/f6581ca96627f4c71c0bd1faf531daaf2a613b95/monarg.patch becomes upstream now
d3e9bd15 — Connor Lane Smith 9 years ago
happy new year!
47e3e8be — Connor Lane Smith 10 years ago
update license
8623bf5d — Anselm R Garbe 11 years ago
prepared dmenu-4.1 release
ebeb4e47 — Anselm R Garbe 11 years ago
added Connor to LICENSE file
569a1f92 — Anselm R Garbe 11 years ago
applied cursor, vertical and paste patches for upcoming 4.1 dmenu version (due to the fact that surf is using dmenu as well)
a45f106d — Anselm R Garbe 13 years ago
cosmetic fixes
38b866ba — anselm@anselm1 13 years ago
applied Sanders patch
540a7876 — Anselm R Garbe 13 years ago
removed ido-matching, changed behavior of -i meaning case insensitive matching now, commented -x, -y, -w arguments in dmenu.1
724fe3cf — Anselm R. Garbe 13 years ago
applied Michał Janeczek dmenu patch, made dmenu match case-insensitive by default, added -i command line option to enable ido matching, added Michał to Copyright holders
0e19146d — Anselm R. Garbe 14 years ago
making copyright notice more compact
08420a93 — arg@mig29 14 years ago
771c0cb6 — arg@mig29 14 years ago
next version will contain updated copyright notice
50772070 — arg@10ksloc.org 14 years ago
rearranged several stuff