my personal homepage hosted at https://metalune.xyz


A collection of color themes for popular programs that use the Ubuntu/Canonical Brand Colors found on https://design.ubuntu.com/brand/colour-palette/


All-in-One Synchronization Tool intended for Portable Media Players that talks to you


A simple CLI tool to fetch your currently unread articles from your GReader API compatible RSS Server (Like FreshRSS) and interact with them.


A small tool to download galleries from https://imhentai.xxx which usually only allows you to do that with a certain delay, and only if you are logged in with an account. This is much faster.


Gives you the metadata of a deviation, such as the direct link to the artwork without you having to go through the slow-ass DeviantArt website.


DeviantArt bulk download tool for downloading entire galleries at once


a simple tool to fetch the newest netzpolitik.org articles from my freshrss server


Framebuffer image viewer written in go


my personal dotfiles (outdated probably)


My own versions of suckless programs (or other programs that I have modified the source code of for my own use) all in one place.


A minimal kernel for my Lenovo ThinkPad x230. It's based on the 5.8.18-1 LTS kernel