ref: 04d85b90f603a503a73404ef5e9c6a1d9c9f0f6a dummy/cmd/dummyserver/main.go -rw-r--r-- 3.3 KiB
Set connections limit in config
Limit to 16 connections
Wrap dummy.Options
Rename main cmd to dummyserver
Separate API from base package
Add text rendering
Normalize in opt.FromForm directly
Make naming more consistent
Move image generation to image.go, extract drawDiagonal
Add pattern option, set move defaults to options.go
Add deepcopy func for opts

So that default options stay the same
Add Desc to Options, move Options to options.go
Add some ogp types
Separate options logic into their own file, add comments
Add web/ endpoint
Move Hex() to utils.go, add a comment
Separate options logic into their own functions