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@@ 19,6 19,25 @@ This endpoint will return an HTML file, with [OpenGraph](https://ogp.me) meta
tags, and a link to the generated image in `og:image`. It will take the same
options as `GET /`, plus some specific to the meta tags.

GET /tar/
GET /zip/

These endpoints will return an archive with 5 images:

- `favicon-16x16.png`
- `favicon-32x32.png`
- `apple-touch-icon.png`
- `android-chrome-192x192.png`
- `android-chrome-512x512.png`

The `apple-touch-icon.png` is 180x180, the other files the size is pretty evident.

These endpoints take the same query params as `GET /`, except that the `width`,
`height`, and `dpi` are set automatically.

## Options