The original version of Dylan's University of Bath BSc Computer Science final year dissertation.
Added goodies and removed baddies.


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Anya from SPY x FAMILY pointing at a television screen with Rogue displayed saying 'I like this show.'


Chizuru is an AI that plays the 1980 computer game Rogue. While this repository contains the code for the AI, it also contains the dissertation released alongside this code in writeup/.

You can learn more about Rogue, its history and the way it plays on this webpage.


This thing is designed to run in a Docker container. To do that, run these:

docker build -t chizuru .
docker run

After that, it should be smooth sailing.

If you want to run this locally, you need to use Python 3.7. Rogue-gym does not install in higher Python versions, since it's an old project.


The model is located in chizuru.py. The training file and logic is written in train.py, and the code for previewing how the AI plays is located in preview.py. Seeing is believing, after all.

Chizuru saves its training checkpoints every few episodes to training/czr-xxxx.ckpt where xxxx is the interval number. It saves a new checkpoint every 500 episodes.


Probably infinite (although countably infinite). However, the distant screams of your PC and/or GPU cloud running this model is not a bug. It's a feature.


This program is released under the GNU General Public Licence v3.0, except for the writeup, which is copyrighted.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public Licence along with this program. If not, see https://www.gnu.org/licenses/.